Event Programme 2016

Protein Pressures Exhibition in the Utopian Treasury at Somerset House

Utopian Treasury, Somerset House, WC2R 1LA, The Strand, London

10am to 6pm

Protein Pressures is a research initiative in collaboration between environmental charity Hubbub, performance artist Paul Hurley and Dr Emma Roe, BA Human Geography Programme Leader at the University of Southampton.


The objective of Protein Pressures is to explore the public’s perception of meat and their receptiveness to alternative forms of protein through accessible and non-preachy activities and communications. The Utopian Treasury Exhibition follows on from a series of Community Workshops hosted in May together with Made in Hackney, a Community Kitchen based in East London. The workshops brought together a mixed group of London residents to explore their relation to meat and alternative forms of protein.


The exhibition aims to raise these issues with a wider audience by showcasing a series of visual representations and interactive installations. Visitors will have a chance to measure the environmental footprint of their protein purchases in the “Protein Shop”, confess their secret protein pleasures in the “Confessions of a Carnivore Booth” and take a journey through the “Culinary Cultures” of the world.


On June 23rd there will be a panel discussion on the future of protein. All events will be enjoyable and relevant to a mainstream audience.