Event Programme 2016

Mobile Utopias 1851-2051 Research Co-creation Workshop

Design Studio, LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YW

11am to 4pm


How will we be living in 2051? How do we want to be living? As one of several activities associated with the funded research project, ‘Mobile Utopias 1851-2051’, this collaborative workshop invites participants to imagine and develop utopias of everyday life for 2051. In particular, we will focus on the participants’ ideal or dream scenarios for the future and on how their respective ‘utopian everyday’ might be lived in practice. We will explore why we choose these utopias, whose voices are missing, and how to bring utopia into being in personal and professional life, and the challenges we all face in the process. Participants will be invited to imagine, develop and discuss utopias through a variety of means which might include the making of storyboards of the future, writing postcards from the future, and serious play with objects and models that are evocative of utopias and futures.